Brandplane for startups

Using most modern technologies, advancements in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and NLP, Brandplane helps you to create your own strategy playbook, identify the most effective communication channels for each specific sector, proposing highly personalized marketing strategies and simultaneously generating textual and visual content.

This is precisely what we can help with.

No more compromises.

How does it work?

Brandplane automates you marketing strategy, and provides the tools to execute, analyze and iterate it.

Being a startup ourselves, we fully understand how much time you spend on figuring out the right strategy for digital and content marketing! Most likely you are sometimes choosing between spending time on that versus spending it on more vital activities of your fast growing business, right?

Our special discount

just for startups

90 % off

For the first year

60 % off

For the second year

20 % off

For the third year

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